What is your endgame and does your financial plan account for it? Garth Hassel teaches you that it’s not enough to simply save well for retirement. If you fail to account for all the sticky and potentially heart-wrenching scenarios that often play out at the sunset of your life, you can leave a legacy of misery and resentment for family members charged with both caring for you and tying up all your loose ends. Through thought-provoking and sobering real life accounts witnessed over decades in the financial planning space, Garth reveals all the financial traps awaiting you at the end of your life if you fail to plan ahead of time. If you have aging parents or want to spare your own children from heartbreak when your end game plays out, let this indispensable book be your guide.

—David McKnight, Author The Power of Zero

Garth does a fantastic job through engaging storytelling to make real the hazards of holding on to assumptions you have not challenged. Challenge what you know to be true, expect the unexpected, and be open to learning. The book does a fantastic job in laying out how you can live confidently if you are open to planning in the right way.

—Professor Jamie Hopkins, ESQ., MBA, CFP®, LLM, CLU®, CHFC®, RICP®, nationally recognized writer, researcher and educator

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for those who want to ensure your love endures! Garth’s ability to provide deep insights into some of the most complex financial and estate challenges through story format keeps the reader engaged emotionally. Only one who has a passion for what he does has this ability. The action items are especially helpful in formulating your personalized plan and identify the team members that can successfully help you pull it off.

—Dina Fliss, President & Chief Investment Strategist, Global View Capital Management, LTD

Where I repeatedly show the math and science for true retirement happiness, Garth goes straight to the heart of relationships in retirement. He challenges your expectations now so you can be truly happy later.

—Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL, Economist, Author, TV Host

Honest. Shocking. Inspiring. Motivating. Sincere. These are all words to describe this carefully crafted guide to building and implementing a comprehensive plan to ensure that the final season of your life plays out according to YOUR game plan. Keep Your Life is a thoughtful and compelling call to action for you and your loved ones to plan for a future that optimizes financial outcomes AND preserves family relationships. Full of valuable information, stories, examples, tools, resources, and recommendations, this book will get you started and keep you motivated.

—Darra Wray, Founder of My Care Companions and Creator of the My Data Diary tool

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This book does an excellent job helping the reader think through the decisions we face as we retire and as we prepare to move on. Most importantly, the book addresses questions we all should discuss and answer as a family just in case we have an event (stroke, dementia, etc.) that leaves us alive, but impeded or unable to make sound financial decisions. While none of us hope for or expect that scenario, we leave our family in a much happier state if we’ve planned for those eventualities while we are lucid. The writer is experienced and trustworthy and the layout of the book makes conversations easy to navigate together with our loved ones.

—Bob Morley, Associate Dean of Faculty Development, Brigham Young University – Idaho, and former Director of International Operations, FranklinCovey